How to Make a Hotel Reservation in Spanish

Knowing how to make a hotel or room reservation in person in Spanish can come in handy when you're exploring areas of a country that are not touristy or places where making an online reservation is not possible due to bad or inexistent internet connection.

In this video we show you how to make a hotel reservation in Spanish in person. Listen to the phrases and practice as we say them.

Most important phrases you need to make a hotel reservation in Spanish

  • ¿Tiene cuartos disponibles? = Do you have rooms available?

  • ¿Cuál es el precio del cuarto por noche? = What's the price of the room per night?

  • Quiero hacer una reservación. = I want to make a reservation.

Useful vocabulary about hotel and room amenities in Spanish

  • Una cama king size = A king size bed

  • Dos camas individuales = Two individual beds

  • Aire acondicionado = Air conditioning

  • Televisión con cable = Cable TV

  • Restaurante = Restaurant

  • Estacionamiento = Parking

We have created a PDF document with a list of the most important phrases you'll need for making a room reservation in Spanish. It includes a list of phrases you need to learn, the phrases you should know, and useful vocabulary about other room and hotel amenities.

May Larios

May Larios García is a Mexican English and Spanish teacher who grew up in a small town in the state of Colima, Mexico. She graduated from the School of Foreign Languages in Colima in 2010. She has been teaching English and Spanish as a Foreign and Second Language since the age of 18. She has worked with students of all ages and hopes to be able to keep helping others learn around the world.

    May enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, and she can't wait to show you all the awesome places where Spanish is spoken. When she is not working, you can find her in the kitchen creating vegan recipes, sharing laughs with her friends, or at the closest tiangüis or mercado looking for the freshest produce.