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What is Spanish and Go?

Spanish and Go is an online resource for English speakers who want to travel or move to a Spanish-speaking country. We help travelers connect to the culture, traditions, and language of Spanish-speaking countries through our Youtube channel, podcast, blog, and Spanish immersion retreats.

Founded by couple May Larios and Jim Fricker in 2016, Spanish and Go has helped over 125,000 subribers on Youtube reach their travel and language goals. Through our weekly podcast, Learn Spanish and Go, we consistently reach over 4,000 subscribers each week amassing over 25,000 downloads each month.

Jim Fricker is a self-proclaimed gringo from Minnesota. In 2010 he decided he was no longer content with only speaking one language, so he set out to learn Spanish. As a result, he met his wife, May. As a bonus, he never had to endure another Minnesota winter again.

May Larios García is a Mexican English and Spanish teacher who grew up in a small town in Colima, Mexico. She has been teaching English and Spanish as a Foreign and Second Language since the age of 18. She graduated from the School of Foreign Languages in Colima in 2010. May enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, and she can’t wait to show you all the awesome places where Spanish is spoken.


Our mission is to be your leading resource for learning real-world travel Spanish. Using our platform, we strive to inspire you to travel and learn Spanish by highlighting the culture and places of interest in Spanish-speaking countries.

Our Values:

  • Inspire you to travel the world
  • Help you learn Spanish
  • Be a resource to help you connect with Spanish-speaking cultures.

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