Our Mission

    In 2011, May and I set out to create the foundations that would later became Spanish and Go. Our mission is to teach you real Spanish and inspire you to travel, and connect with others all over the world. Travel and learning has shaped our lives in such a positive way that it only seemed fitting to us that we would create a website to help others do the same. So what are we doing exactly?

    As a couple who specializes in media production and education, we plan to travel the world to all of the different countries where Spanish is natively spoken to share what makes each country unique and remarkable. What are the differences in culture, food, language, and landscape that make each country noteworthy? How can you visit these places yourself?  We’re on a mission to find out and share that directly with you via blog posts, video/podcast episodes, live on-location videos, and daily vocabulary that we only share on our social media accounts.

    We will make a video and podcast “season” of episodes in each Spanish speaking country comparing and sharing what makes each country unique to help you improve your Spanish, and to inspire you to visit and connect with the beautiful countries and cultures we explore.

    Each episode we produce will start off using full-on real-world Spanish and cover a new unique aspect of the country we’re in. The second half of every episode will include a “break-down” section in English where we’ll go over the most important words and phrases from the episode. The seasons as they are completed will be available on our website as downloadable language products containing the complete video, podcast, and transcript for each episode. Follow along as we immerse ourselves in the rich culture and places of interest in all of the 22+ countries where Spanish is natively spoken.


Peace, love, and travel,

-Jim & May