008 – La Verdad Sobre la Vida de Pueblo en México | The Truth About Life in a Mexican Town

In this episode, Jim and May discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living the small town life in Mexico. 

Learn about the typical routine of people living in these pueblos, and how different the lifestyle can be from the big city.

May is from Comala, a city in the Mexican state of Colima, so she shares stories about growing up in her community, where neighbors are not only vital to your social life, but also band together as a neighborhood watch.

In these pueblos, people are closer to nature as ever, which on one hand means you get the freshest ingredients to eat and air to breathe, but it also means that you will have new friends showing up unexpectedly in your home, like scorpions and lizards.

The slower pace can be a paradise for some, and a struggle for others.

Listen as Jim and May share their perspectives. Do you live in a smaller town, or a big city? How does this sound similar or different to your lifestyle? If it is completely different, consider traveling to a place like this to experience the truth about life in a pueblo for yourself.