018 – Tradiciones de los Cumpleaños en México | Birthday Traditions in Mexico

Birthday or block party?

There’s always a reason to celebrate, especially in Mexico! This week, Jim and May run down the ways that set Mexican birthdays apart.

From the music and food, to the piñatas and cake, check out the latest episode to see how everything goes down.

Having just celebrated her birthday a few days ago, listen as May gets nostalgic and looks back on the very first birthday she can remember. She also sings some of the popular songs you typically hear at a Mexican party, including Las Mañanitas and the piñata song!

Jim laughs as he recalls the first time he realized getting your face smashed into your cake is a classic move at these parties. He also clarifies how birthdays in the States are totally different!

May shares the process of setting up the piñata for the kids, and the importance of karaoke for the adults.

Maybe you’ll even add one of these traditions to your next party!