204 – Comprando Propiedad En Cuenca Como Extranjero Pt. 2 | Buying Property In Cuenca As A Foreigner Pt. 2

Explore the enchanting world of Cuenca’s real estate with us! Liliana and Roberto spill the beans on property prices, ranging from opulent residences to affordable apartments. Get the lowdown on Airbnb regulations, cultural nuances, and the significance of “alícuota” (HOA fee). Whether you’re dreaming of a penthouse or a cozy home, this episode is your ticket to understanding the diverse opportunities awaiting you in Cuenca. Don’t miss out on practical advice for a seamless transition, shared by experienced real estate experts. Tune in, and let Cuenca charm you into calling it home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the varying price ranges of properties in Cuenca, from luxurious to affordable, providing a comprehensive overview for potential buyers.
  • Gain insights into Airbnb regulations, cultural differences, and the significance of “alícuota,” offering valuable information for those considering a move to Cuenca.
  • Receive practical advice from Liliana and Roberto, seasoned real estate professionals, on making a smooth transition to living in Cuenca, emphasizing the welcoming nature of the city and the importance of learning Spanish for a richer experience.

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