011 – Dichos Graciosos en Español | Funny Sayings in Spanish

Have you heard the phrases “la carne de burro no es transparente” or “la suerte de la fea, la bonita la desea” before?

Literally, the first one translates to “the donkey meat isn’t transparent,” and the other, “the ugly’s luck, the beautiful want.” But what do they truly mean?

In this episode, Jim and May break down multiple Spanish idioms: common phrases that native speakers use that might be hard to understand for Spanish learners.

By learning to use these phrases correctly, you can sound more like a native Spanish speaker!

Many of these phrases are specific to Mexican culture, but others (like the burro phrase from above) are used in many Spanish-speaking countries. Listen as Jim tries to guess what some of the phrases mean before May explains what they mean and in what context they are used.