040 – Políglota Despues de los 70 – Entrevista con Steve Kaufmann | Polyglot after 70 – Interview with Steve Kaufmann

Learning multiple languages when you’re young is hard enough, but can you imagine at 70? 

In this episode, Jim and May interview Steve Kaufmann, linguist, polyglot, and co-founder of LingQ, a platform designed to expand your language skills.

He speaks about 20 languages, 10 of which he learned in 45 years the old way, and the rest, an additional 10 languages using the LingQ method.

For those of us struggling to learn Spanish as a mere second language, multiple languages may seem impossible. But if Steve can do it at 75 years old, so can you!

Steve shares his language learning journey, his advice on learning a new language, and also details on the LingQ method.

The LingQ system is available on all platforms and serves as an all-encompassing foreign language library. It includes thousands of hours of audio with matching transcripts to improve your comprehension. It also tracks all the new words that you learn, which ones you already know, and even what resources you use.


World-renowned polyglot Steve Kaufmann joins Jim and May from Spanish and Go for a podcast interview about his best tips for language learning.