055 – Mi Camino Hacia la Ciudadanía de EEUU Parte 1 | My Journey to U.S. Citizenship Part 1

This week Jim and May take on a topic that isn’t discussed enough – the long, stressful road to American citizenship!

Join them as they reveal the beginning half of their journey, from May getting tourist visas and eventually her green card in 2013, to just a few weeks ago when they finally sent in the paperwork to apply for full citizenship.

It’s been an arduous path for sure, but obviously worth it! A lot of couples and families are going through the same process to establish a relationship with the US in order to gain citizenship and find out how they went about the situation themselves, without the help of an immigration lawyer.

Find out why Ciudad Juarez is so important to this particular process, and who had to sign papers for May to represent her as a potential caretaker in case of financial emergencies.