017 – El Origen de la Comida Tex Mex | The Origin of Tex Mex Food

Burritos. Nachos. Chimichangas. Fajitas. Ever wonder where these dishes came from? Although a lot of Americans tend to think of these items as “Mexican food,” they are in a category of their own: Tex Mex.

Find out this week what exactly brought the southern States and northern Mexico together in a way that resulted in its own regional cuisine.

Jim recalls having grown up on these dishes, while May insists that she doesn’t even know what some of them are!

They describe how some of the ingredients themselves, like the corn and queso, are completely different in both countries so the foods couldn’t be the same even if they tried. 

And what does any of this have to do with a huge railroad built almost 200 years ago? Or Jesuits?

It will all make sense after checking out the episode!