Immersion Retreat Participation Waiver

The following should be read carefully. Agreeing to the terms below will waive certain legal rights.

TO: Spanish and Go LLC, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies including, but not limited to, Spanish and Go Immersion Retreats, and their respective directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, agents, guides, volunteers, independent contractors, representatives, owners, insurers, successors, and assigns (individually and collectively, “Spanish and Go LLC”)

REGARDING: My voluntary participation in a Spanish and Go Immersion Retreat (hereby known as “Retreat”), which consists of, but is not limited to, all activities, transportation, accommodation, free time and excursions that make up the trip for which I have paid, as of yet either in part or in full, to participate.

I acknowledge that my participation in a “Retreat” is completely voluntary. I am aware of the physical requirements of the “Retreat” and if uncertain, I will seek medical advice to ensure that my physical condition can meet these requirements.

I understand that I am required to purchase and/or show proof of international travel insurance that covers any unforeseen medical expenses, trip cancellation or trip interruption for the duration of the “Retreat”.

I am aware that the participation in a “Retreat” and its related activities may involve risks, dangers and hazards such as, but not limited to:

• personal injury and/or death
• travel to areas that might not provide access to medical treatment
• weather conditions and forces of nature
• interactions or encounters with wildlife
• equipment malfunctions
• negligence of guides, drivers and/or other retreat participants
• negligence on the part of “Spanish and Go LLC”
• vehicle accidents
• civil and/or military actions
• travel hardships if arrangements do not proceed as planned
• separation from the group

I accept of my own will and fully assume these risks as part of my participation in the “Retreat”.

I assume all risks, whether or not foreseeable, of traveling to and from the starting and ending points of this “Retreat” (including, but not limited to, flight cancellations and/or disruptions, missed transportation connections, hardships if travel arrangements do not proceed as planned and/or missing the retreat, in part or fully, for any reason.)

I understand the payment and refund schedule and agree to abide by those policies in terms of if, when and how much money, if anything, may be returned in the form of a refund once paid due to any changes in my desire or ability to participate in the retreat.

I hereby forever release and discharge “Spanish and Go LLC”, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, legal representatives and assigns, as well as all additional parties for whom they may be acting and all additional parties who are acting with their authority and permission from all present and future claims, liability, loss, expenses, damages, costs (including without limitation medical expenses and attorneys’ fees and disbursements) arising, directly or indirectly out of any physical and/or emotional injuries to myself and/or to any family member who may be accompanying me on this trip and/or damage to my property arising out of or in connection with my participation in the “Retreat” whether the same be caused by negligence or fault on the part of “Spanish and Go LLC” or otherwise.

I have carefully read and understood this agreement prior to filling out the form below that confirms my agreement.

I am aware that submitting the form above waives certain legal rights against “Spanish and Go LLC.”

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