Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: Pink Lakes, El Faro, and Playa Sucia

Cabo Rojo is well known to Puerto Ricans, but isn’t often visited by tourists from outside of the island. Despite being off the beaten path, it’s well worth the trip. Located in the southwest corner of la Isla del Encanto, you’ll find Cabo Rojo and its Wildlife Refuge. This area is packed with beautiful beaches, incredible history, and a pink lake (Las Salinas). While living in Boquerón, visiting this lesser-known refuge quickly became one of our favorite day-trips on the island.


Jim Fricker II

Jim Fricker II is a gringo from Minnesota. In 2010 he decided he was no longer content with only being able to speak one language, so he set out to learn Spanish. As a result, he met his wife, May. As an added bonus, he never had to endure another Minnesota winter again.

    Over the years Jim has been a musician, recording studio owner, music producer, teacher, and technology enthusiast. He has produced dozens of albums for various unsigned artist, been commissioned to compose music for national organizations, and always tries to make sure he has his daily green smoothie in the morning.