003 – Pueblos Mágicos de México | Magic Towns of Mexico

In this episode, Jim and May talk about Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos. What they are, their differences and similarities, some advantages and disadvantages of the Pueblos Magicos Program, and cultural aspects of life in these towns.

May also shares her memories of visiting some of Colima’s little pueblos with her family. On her dad’s day off, her and her family would drive up towards Colima’s Volcan de Fuego and spend the day relaxing and exploring. She has fond memories of buying artisans and eating delicious homemade goods, which are often some of the characteristics of a “Pueblo Mágico.”

One of the disadvantages of this program has to do with tourism. Jim and May talk about a couple of towns which have changed tremendously due to overtourism, such as Sayulita, Nayarit and Tulum, Quintana Roo. They discuss the impact these changes had on the health of locals and tourists of Sayulita who began developing diseases after people began to notice how the excess sewage was being dumped in the ocean right by hotels and restaurants in the area.

One of the advantages discussed was the fact that certain aspects of each town’s culture thrives when more people know about it and invest in keeping it’s traditions alive. Whether it is by buying the local artisans or simply by passing on the information so others can visit these places. This injects money from tourism into these areas and creates more jobs for the locals.

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