005 – Diferencias Culturales Entre México y Estados Unidos | Cultural Differences Between Mexico and the USA

In this episode, Jim and May talk about what cultural differences are and the ones that they have noticed between Mexico and the United States.

Listen as they share stories of their experiences and interactions with each other’s cultures. They tackle differences in lifestyle, values, and even public transportation. Some things you might be familiar with, but others are sure to surprise you.

One thing May mentions is the sense of openness people have with their parents in the United States. She explains that although there is this sense of extreme unity and community felt in Mexican culture with one’s family, personal information like relationships and emotions are not usually openly shared like she had witnessed while visiting the US.

Later in the episode, Jim and May discuss their own personal encounters with culture shock and oddly enough, both stories deal with cultural eating habits.

See if you can identify any other differences in this episode.