009 – México vs Puerto Rico | Mexico vs Puerto Rico

In this episode, Jim and May explain differences between Mexico and Puerto Rico that they have noticed after living in both places.

They go into detail about everything from cost of living, to the food and music, the differences in language, sports, and more!

After tuning in, find out what country to associate platáno, béisbol, and salsa with, versus masa, fútbol, and mariachi

This week, Jim and May also discuss the necessary steps to travel to both places, the two economies and how it affects the population, as well as, exactly how much they have paid for bills. And really through this, you can see what sort of lifestyle you could afford in these places.

If you are interested in visiting or living in Mexico or Puerto Rico, go into even more depth about this topic by checking out the links below.


Correction: El Yunque National Forest is a unit of the National Forest System, not the National Park System.