030 – ¿Español Africano? Entrevista con Monanga | African Spanish? Interview with Monanga

Did you know that there’s a country in Africa where Spanish is the official language? Learn all about Equatorial Guinea in this week’s episode featuring YouTuber and Equatoguinean, Monanga Bueneke.

Not many people in the West know about this small nation hidden on the west coast of Central Africa. Monanga gives us the scoop on the local tourism, Spanish background, complex culture, and of course, the food.

There are all types of fun facts about Equatorial Guinea. The country is made up of both a mainland connected to the African continent and a small group of islands off the coast. There are five main ethnic groups that coexist, which makes for a melting pot of cultures and languages.

Jim and May have Monanga guide us through the must-see travel stops including the local lighthouse, the white sand beaches, la Finca de Sampaka – where they show the chocolate-making process, and the awesome waterfalls.

Monanga enlightens us with her mission to teach the world more about Equatorial Guinea, one video at a time.