140 – Lenguas e Identidad con Jo Franco | Languages and Identity with Jo Franco

Jo Franco is an entrepreneur, traveler, and polyglot. She’s a first-generation immigrant from Brazil who has carved out a name for herself on social media in the travel, self-care, and language spaces.

In this episode, Jo shares her story of how she has used language to create cultural bridges and navigate the world as someone who grow up surrounded by multiple cultures. She talks about how she has dealt with the conflicting emotions that come with being an immigrant, such as feeling disconnected from both her old and new cultures. Jo also shares how learning new languages gives her a sense of purpose and community while allowing her to express herself in meaningful ways.

Finally, she shares how she motivates her community to use journaling as a tool for language learning and as a form of self-care and connection. Through this episode, you’ll gain insight into the individual experiences of first-generation immigrants, as well as tips for using language learning for personal growth.