036 – Las Posadas Navideñas Mexicanas | Mexican Christmas Parties

Around Christmastime in Mexico, you’ll start to hear a lot about “las posadas navideñas” – all the little Christmas parties leading up to Christmas Eve.

Many people celebrate posadas from Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, which is on December 12th, all the way until Día de Reyes, which is on January 6th. The term a lot of people use for this period of time is “el maratón Guadalupe-Reyes.”

As you can tell, Mexicans are always looking for a good time- this means quality time with family and as many reasons to celebrate as you can think of. Jim and May tell us everything we need to know about the holidays- everything from the piñatas to the ponche.

The vast majority of Mexico’s population is Catholic, so May explains the background of the Posadas and the different holidays involved. She even shares how the piñatas go hand in hand with the seven deadly sins!

Learn about Mexican Christmas parties and how they’re celebrated in this episode.


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