031 – El Camino es el Destino | The Journey is the Destination

When Jim and May say “El Camino es el Destino,” they are saying that your journey towards your goals is really what’s important. The process of anything can be beautiful and sometimes people lose sight of that because they’re focused on racing towards the end goal – the destination. 

For many following Jim and May, that goal may be becoming fluent in Spanish, right? On the way to meeting this goal, you’re going to make tons of mistakes, you’re going to get frustrated because you can’t understand things, and maybe even feel embarrassed to speak at all. But every time you pass a milestone, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself and be on your way to fluency.

Here, Jim and May clarify their mission for Spanish and Go by breaking down the meaning of this phrase and what it means to them.

By learning a language, you have so much potential to foster new relationships with people all over the world. It opens tons of doors. You could even find the love of your life. Not to mention all the new people you can now communicate with just because you decided to pick up a new language. It’s amazing!

Learning about other cultures and traditions helps to erase people’s fears about the unknown as well. For example, May talks about how some close-minded people in some areas still have a bit of a “gringos go home” mentality. But if these “gringos” go to the new country with a mindset of learning the language, being involved in the community, and learning about the people, then they are received differently.

“Go big or go home” is definitely associated with their mission too. Maintain the mindset of “I’m going to be fluent” and learn to ride with the ups and the downs. Simply believing in yourself and the process is the difference between those who give up on their path and those who reach their destino.

Spanish and Go is here to motivate and help you along the way. Join the entire community of Spanish learners and jump on new opportunities you’ll discover along the way. Watch more videos, listen to more Spanish, join us on immersion retreats (when they become available again), and most importantly, get out there and use your skills whenever possible!