160 – La Historia de un Apasionado Profesor de Idiomas Parte 2 | The Story of a Passionate Language Teacher Part 2

Join us in the second part of our interview with Joel where he shares his experience creating content for Spanish learners, including his new novel “Los Diamantes de Esmeralda.” As a language learner himself, Joel understands the importance of accessible and useful content for learners, and he shares his tips on language acquisition, emphasizing the value of regular listening and understanding of the language. This conversation is a must-listen for all language learners who want to improve their skills and gain valuable insights into language acquisition. Check this out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Joel’s new Spanish novel “Los Diamantes de Esmeralda” provides learners with useful vocabulary and phrases for everyday conversation.
  • Creating accessible and helpful materials for language learners can be rewarding and impactful, as Joel’s personal experience shows.
  • Regular practice and immersion through listening to Spanish podcasts are key to improving language skills.

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