Spanish Accents from Different Countries [Guess the Dialect]

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Spanish accents and dialects vary from country to country. And with over twenty Spanish-speaking countries around the world, you can hear a wide variety of common words and phrases, as well as trends in pronunciation that characterize each region.

In this video we collaborate with friends from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and Uruguay, to show you differences in their accents from around the world. Okay, so there might be a country or do in there that we don’t cover, but that’s because we want you to guess!

Test your listening skills and learn some common phrases from our friend’s countries. Can you guess where our friends are from?

Check out our friend’s websites, podcasts, youtube channels, and Instagram to improve your Spanish!:

Online Spanish Teachers from the Video

Mexican Spanish Accent: Juan from Easy Spanish

We’re happy to have Juan from Easy Spanish join us. We love Juan’s approach to teaching Spanish because it is about as real-world as you can get. Juan and his team hit the streets in various Spanish-speaking places to chat-up the locals about interesting subjects at a real-life pace. The Easy Spanish hallmark is showing the subtitles in Spanish and English on-screen for the duration of each episode. This way you can double-check what you’re hearing throughout each video.

Check out Easy Spanish here:

Chilean Spanish Accent: Karin and Philly from Idioma Pro

Chile is a very long country and is notorious for its slang and rapid-pace speech. But Karin and Philly from Idioma Pro break down Spanish concepts in an easy-to-digest format. They go out of their way to make learning Spanish fun. Just check out their videos like “Difference Between Por and Para” and “How to Order Fast Food in Spanish.”

Check out Idioma Pro here:

Spaniard Spanish Accent: Ben and Marina from Notes in Spanish

You’ve probably heard us talk about Ben and Marina in another video or blog post. We’re thrilled they could join us for this episode because we’re huge fans of their podcast! They always cover interesting topics and will really help improve your listening skills with their entertaining approach.

Check out Notes in Spanish here:

Venezuelan Spanish Accent: Mariela from Mariela in Spanish

Mariela is an animated and engaging Spanish teacher. You can find her posting high-quality content almost daily on her Instagram feed and on Youtube. If you’re looking for a private Spanish teacher, she offers online 1-on-1 classes well. We highly recommend you check her out!

Check out Mariela from Mariela in Spanish here:

Colombian Spanish Accent: Andrea from Spanishland School

Andrea’s lessons are clear and well thought out. She and her husband Nate are a busy couple who run not only a Youtube channel but also two podcasts, a website, Facebook and Instagram! You can listen to Spanish lessons or everyday topics via their podcast (with transcripts available), and get a mix of grammar, listening, and learning tips via their Youtube channel.

Check out Spanishland School here:

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